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Artec Office Furniture Artec Office Furniture
   Welcome to Artec Office Furniture

Committed before the honor of office furniture and office tasks as a manufacturer of all contributions to types of desks, chairs, an authorized distributor for major international companies in the field of modern office systems that provide services of the following systems:

First: office furniture:

- Offices: office managers and staff from natural wood (beech - Arrow) and wood-treated Post form resistant to water, scratches and fire - high quality and features a color stable, even with friction - available in all colors as Krtlp colors available to us and foil in different formats according to your wishes as well as the units off the shelves and the inclusion of units and libraries.
- Chairs: Chairs and the Secretariat of directors and chairs and wait for the computer industry, both imported and local.
- Tables: Tables meetings from natural wood (beech - Arrow) and the layer of wood glued Post form.
- Tables Computer: specifications and different sizes (imported and local).
- The company is also to implement all the decoration and different designs have.
- We also have all kinds of vertical blinds and metal (imported ones).
- The company is also the implementation of all the internal walls (metal - wood - Gypsum).

Second: Office Equipment:

- Money counting machines and detect fraud.
- Machinery chop documents of all sizes.
- Hours of attendance and leave.
- Safes armored Digital and its failure to confidential figures.
- Shanons armored and regular 2 drawers - 3 drawer - 4 drawer.

(As we have the honor to visit our booth to learn about all our local and imported)

Artec Office Furniture